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We focus on excellent service and the satisfaction of our customers. If the goods do not meet your expectations, you can send the ordered items back to us.

Change or cancel

Please note that it is not possible to cancel or change an order via the Gottwald online shop. Your order will be processed by us as soon as we have received your order. If you make a change immediately after ordering and e.g. If you want to cancel an item or change the quantity, please contact us immediately by phone at +49 421 69469-0. If we have already processed your goods, you can send the item back to us if necessary.


If the delivered goods do not meet your requirements or you are not satisfied with the delivery for any other reason, you can send the items to us within the period of 14 days defined in the GTC after receipt after consulting us at +49 421 69469-0 send us back. If you receive several packages from us, the period begins on the day of delivery of the last partial delivery. Please note that we can only take back complete items in their original packaging. If you want to return the product, attached labels and labels must not be removed. Used items are excluded from the return. The return of the ordered items is at your own risk / risk and at the expense of the buyer. This means that we accept no liability for damage caused during the return and / or loss of the goods during returns, and we do not accept the return shipping costs. After arrival and inspection of the goods, we will reimburse the amount of the order paid to us minus the shipping costs.

If you want to cancel the contract, please fill out the form below completely or download the form here  and send it back to us. An employee of Franz Gottwald GmbH + Co. KG will then contact you.

We are very grateful for your criticism and suggestions, because they help us to continuously improve our services. Thank you for your feedback!


If the goods are damaged or incomplete, please contact us immediately. All further information can be found under the point "Complaint".

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